Baby Products- Baby Your Home And Family
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Baby Products- Baby Your Home And Family

Not sure what to do with left over baby products. Use them around your home in different ways.

We lovingly protect our little ones as they grow through the infant stage.  We use simple products that will help protect their skin and keep it smooth and free from dried skin or any other irritations that may happen. 

But, when the little ones have all grown up, we tend to miss the smells of these products and frankly some of the benefits our hands have had from using them. 

What a lot of people don't realize is that some of the wonderful baby products on the market actually have additional great uses for our homes.  Our homes are one infant that we have to protect through out its life.  There are many little ways we can do so inexpensively and using products that we use on our babies. 

Baby Oil

This slippery stuff is helpful in so many ways, you might snort your coffee out when you try them out. 


That's right you can clean with baby oil, especially in your bathroom.  If you have a hard time getting rid of built up soap scum then reach for a bottle of baby oil.  Grab a sponge and squirt some on to the sponge then rub down your bathtub or shower.  Use a rag to wipe off the excess oil.  Follow with a disinfecting cleaner to get rid of any germs, rinse throughly.  Your tub, shower or sink will be sparkling and look great for guests to come for a visit. 


Baby oil works great to polish up chrome.  Especially around the kitchen.  Most stoves, fridges and other appliances can now be purchased in a chrome or brushed metal look.  Keep it shiny and new looking by rubbing it with baby oil.  Put about a teaspoon of oil onto a rag and buff your appliances.  This also works great on the handlebars for your children's bikes if they decide they want to wash them.  Instead of having them use car polish reach for the baby oil instead.  Don't forget to use this on Daddy's favorite golf clubs.  (Psst, kids, this is a great father's day gift) 

Baby powder-

Baby powder is another great product to use around your home.  It can really help with little things that are tough to do without spending a bit of money on more expensive products.

Getting rid of mold-

Who is tired of fighting with mold?  We are talking mold on books, mold in the bathroom.  If you live in a moist climate this can be a huge pain. 

In the bathroom around your tub area, splash a bit of water along the edges if it is dry, then sprinkle with baby powder and let rest.  The ingredients in the baby powder help kill off the active/live spores in the baby powder. 

Do you love planting flower bulbs?  Well, here is a neat trick, before planting them, place them in some medicated baby powder.  This will help protect the bulbs from being eaten by little critters in your yard. 

Save water and wash your dog with a dusting of baby powder.  Simply pour some baby powder over your dog and then brush it through their fur.  The powder helps collect up dirt particles and leaves them smelling nice. 

Baby Shampoo-

If you need a very gentle cleaner, then reach for the baby shampoo.  Many doctors actually recommend that you use baby shampoo to clean C-Pap machine pieces. It has a strong and affective cleaning base but it is gentle to the equipment pieces. It also doesn't leave any harsh smells behind. 

You can also use baby shampoo to clean stone tiles.  This will help lift off dirt that you normally can't get with a basic water wash. 

Baby Wipes-

If you have read my article on this subject you know there are a multitude of uses for these wonder rags.  Around your home they work great for those quick cleans.  Keep some handy in your bathroom for a quick wipe down of your counters and such. 

Need to clean the keys on your computer or laptop, use a baby wipe, they work great. 

The containers work great for helping to organize and store items around your home.  You can even get creative with the containers by decorating them. 

It you know you are going away for a weekend and staying in a hotel, etc.  If you want to keep your hotel room clean, take a travel sized container of wipes with you.  They will make for quick clean up, great to have for those extended stays. 

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