DIY Bar Stool Covers Instantly Update Or Change Your Decor
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DIY Bar Stool Covers Instantly Update Or Change Your Decor

Save your money by changing the look of your existing bar stools with covers instead of replacing them with new ones. DIY with new cushions, slip covers, or upholstery to update or add new pizazz to your decor.

DIY bar stool covers can be purchased in a myriad of styles, fabrics, colors, prints, and textures to instantly transform tired, worn but basically sound constructed bar stools thereby extending the life of these  furniture pieces. Sometimes you just want a change to perk up your decor. Maybe you will be having a party where dressing up your bar stools would enhance the party mood.

When you can't find what you are looking for, do it yourself. Bar stools can be:

  • Reupholstered if upholstery is already present
  • Slip covered for instant temporary transformation
  • Loose cushions added for comfort
  • Outfitted with cushioning where none exists

DIY Bar Stool Slip Covers

Bar stool slip covers range from simple fitted forms designed to snuggly fit the seat and/or back of your particular bar stool model to free-form fabric styles that completely cover your bar stool transforming the look altogether. Fitted forms update and protect existing cushioning without camouflaging the bar stool's furniture design. Full slip covers will completely hide the underlying bar stool form but may be the look intended for an elegant affair such as a dinner party or reception. These bar stool covers hide any wear to the architecture of the furniture piece.

Bar Stool Cushions

Most bar stools are basically constructed of wood, metal, or plastic mold. Although designed to fit the general contours of the human body, extra cushioning may enhance the sitting experience. Cushions can be purchased to fit your need and tie in to your decor. They are available in styles that are just placed on the bar stool seat or tied to the back or legs to avoid shifting, two-piece sets for seat and back, or one-piece to cover seat and back. Good buys can be had through outdoor furniture departments and stores. These bar stool cushions are made of very rugged fabric materials and padding that are made to withstand the elements, UV fading, mold and mildew damage, and they dry quickly.

Changing Upholstery Covers On Bar Stools

High end bar stools have existing upholstery when you obtained them. Changing the upholstery to update or replace worn covers is a DIY project worthy of the effort. The upholstered seat and back of the bar stool can easily be removed by unscrewing them. Use a staple remover or flat head screwdriver to remove existing covers to check the condition of or to add more padding. Your local craft or fabric store can supply you with a can of adhesive spray formulated for use on padding and fabric to aid in keeping these items from shifting during your DIY project. Though not necessary, the adhesive spray will help you to keep a pattern cover centered while adhering the new upholstery.

Use the old cover as a template to cut a new one. You can also create a new template by outlining the bar stool seat or back onto newspaper or cardboard. Add enough margin to the outline to account for thickness of seat and padding and attaching to the underside. Padding can be cut using the original outline to only pad the seat or use the whole template to extend padding over the edges to the underside. 

Center your new upholstery cover and flip over being careful not to shift materials in the process. A heavy rock or some other weight will compress the materials enough so that you can gently but firmly attach the upholstery cover to the seat bottom using a staple gun. When you staple one side, always make the next staple directly across from the other side pulling the cover tight as you go. Trim off excess material. Screw the back or seat back onto the bar stool.

Creating Bar Stool Padding Where None Exists

A wooden bar stool seat is the easiest to add upholstered padding to. There is no need to disassemble any parts. Make a cardboard template of the seat and adjust it to fit within the perimeter so as not to contact arm or back rails rising out of the seat. Cut batting or foam padding 1/2" smaller all around than the cardboard template. Cut fabric 1" larger than template.

Use adhesive spray to attach the padding to the cardboard. Use adhesive spray to attach the fabric over the padding, carefully centering it. Flip the cardboard over and firmly glue the edges of the fabric to the cardboard. Use clothespins to secure in place while glue thoroughly dries.

Position the upholstered cardboard onto the seat. Either glue in place or staple into the wood seat along the edge. Cover staples with decorative trim glued along the edge. You could also use decorative upholstery tacks along the edge for a professional look. Repeat this process for bar stool backing and armrests to complete the look.

DIY bar stool covers can completely change the look or mood of a room. There are options available to fit any budget.

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Nice info!

love it ::eyeing bar stools in kitchen::

I really love your post. This is really helpful especially during those occasions such as dinner parties that I want to set up the mood of my kitchen. Now I know that I can use this bar stools slip covers and in instant I can change the mood of my kitchen to suit the occasion. bar stools