Tips to Eat out for Less: Secrets to Slash Your Restaurant Bill
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Tips to Eat out for Less: Secrets to Slash Your Restaurant Bill

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Eating out is a favorite leisure pursuit in life which most of us enjoy. It is an excellent way to escape from the house, and to get away from the daily mundane of cooking, serving and then cleaning up. But unfortunately, in the present times especially during this recession period most of us are forced to cut back on our spending. Well just because you want to save money, it does not mean that you have to restrain yourself from the life’s little luxuries which you love the most.

From now on simply follow these  tips to eat out for less. Learn the secret to slash your restaurant bill and enjoy eating out more often.Eating out occasionally is wonderful and a great way to spend some quality time with your partner, family or friends. Do not deprive yourself from life’s delicious and luscious treats, as there are plenty of ways to eat out for less. Read on to learn about the top tips to eat out for less and the secret to slash your restaurant bill.

Save money on drinks

Simply avoid drinking juice, soda or other flavored beverages as they are mostly over priced. Choosing water is a sensible way to keep your bill low. Save money by drinking tap water which is free or opt for bottled water which is much cheaper as compared to other soft drinks.


When you want to dine along with wine, with your partner, it is wise, not to opt for a whole bottle of wine as it is usually expensive. Alternatively simply order two glasses of wine, it will be definitely easy on your pocket.

Skip the Appetizers and eat the Dessert at home

Skip the appetizers and order your meal directly. In this way you will end up saving some money and can also enjoy your meal scrupulously. Keep place for dessert but eat it at home or buy on your way back home.


Skipping the appetizers and eating dessert at home really helps to slash the restaurant bill tremendously.

Make use of Restaurant Coupons


There are a number of restaurant offering discount coupons these days. Before going out spend few minutes to find restaurant coupons. It is indeed, worth it! You can find restaurant coupons in newspapers and magazines. The restaurant’s Website also offer special discount deals for online booking in advance. Sign up for restaurant’s e-mail list and you can easily get the latest discounted coupons and seasonal deals notifications right in your inbox.

Plan your eat out, on a weekday


A number of restaurants offer special weekday deals to attract people during the week. There are often some special deals offered during the week days so grab these great opportunities and stop paying full price of same meals by eating out on Saturday or Sunday. Due to recession and less business some of the restaurants offer lower buffet prices during the week. Simply plan your eat out on a weekday and you can definitely enjoy a good meal at a low cost.

Take Advantage of Special offers

There are plenty of great deals available online so get smart and take advantage of the special offers. Here are few ways to find out the seasonal deals. Two meals for the price of one is one of the best deals offered by most of the restaurants these days to get more business. So get set to make the best of these special offers  and start eating out frequently without spending a huge amount. Last and Toptable are two of the best online resources to find some great deals. You can easily get the detailed restaurant reviews along with incredible deals in price reductions on restaurant meals. There are always some great offers like

• 50% off your food bill

• Two meals for the price of one

• Free wine or Dessert

Get Free Restaurant Vouchers

Here are few Websites from where you can always find an excellent deal.                                                            

1.  2. 

 3.  4.

All restaurant vouchers are easily accessible here. So without wasting any more time register yourself right now, receive special offers of discounted coupons and festive promotions in your inbox and benefit from them immensely.


By now you know all the secrets to trim down your restaurant bill. So get set to visit the restaurants more often. Remember if you follow these great tips there will be absolutely no need to cut out eating out – out of your budget, Enjoy!

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Comments (12)

I am not sure about the free coupon system at my place but the tips are nice nonetheless. You write really useful article Ruby. Thx.!!

Good advice

I never order drinks at restaurants.. always water.. I learned this trick after working at a restaruant and was told that drinks are the biggest mark up

Great info

Ranked #37 in Frugal Living

Great info, Ruby, as always. Another way I have learned to save is to share a meal...especially if you're not starving or have a small appetite. Most entree portions are huge, and can feed two. No one will look at you funny, as this has become quite common.

Good tips - thanks!

Very good suggestions.

Well the discount coupons are definitely a hit. Keep up the good work Ruby. Iam looking forward to some good times this summer.

Very good information.

Ranked #21 in Frugal Living

Another really cost-savings tip is that some restaurants allow you to BYOW, -'Bring Your Own Wine!' You'd have to check with the restaurant's policy, but many now allow this. They *may have* an 'uncorking fee' of a few dollars if the waiter is required, but this is a minor thing. If you prefer your own local vintage and care to bring one with you, they will allow you to drink it with your meal. Here alone you can save quite a bit of money. Alternatively, -you can sneak-in a few packages of those water-flavoring packets and when your water is served, add the flavor crystals and voila! -A soft-drink for just pennies! :-)

A very sensible article Ruby! Well done my friend, very useful to many people. I agree about the water as well as dessert. Another way to look at it is, if dieting, water is by far better for you and has a lot less calories! You have my vote and buzz!

Really helpful entry Ruby, it makes a lot of sense. I don't really like eating out. I think it's because I have been a veggy for over 30years and when I was a teenager we veggies were just not catered for! I couldn't even join my friends at Mac Donald's! not a bad thing though.