Home Utilities Saving Tips
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Home Utilities Saving Tips

DonÂ’t leave a faucet open while toothbrushing. It is a waste of water. You can use a glass of water if you want.

• Install programmable thermostat.

• Put insulation in your attic.

• Turn off all lights that are not in use.

• Don’t turn on heat or air condition unless you cannot stand it anymore

• Don’t leave a faucet open while toothbrushing. It is a waste of water. You can use a glass of water if you want.

• Take a fast shower.

• Install a low flow toilets

• Use white blinds or curtain to keep heat way from your house especially on summer time

• Reduce house moisture by using de-humidifier

• Use energy efficient dishwasher

• Clean out the dryer’s lint trap

• Use CFL light bulbs

• Use floor fans, space heaters and ceiling fans

• Don’t use the oven for too long. Turn it off on the remaining minutes of cooking, still there is enough heat to keep food cooking.

• Try to use oven once a day only. Cook by batch or bulk and keep it in your refrigerator

• Use washing machine and dishwasher at non peak hours and use it only if it is fully loaded

• When using the washing machine, use a cold water

• Bake small meals using a toaster oven

• Use a low flow shower head

• Line dry clothings

• Use a crock pot

• Unplug all appliances that are not in use

• Insulate hot water pipes and heaters

• During winter, leave door of oven open to help heat your home

• Fill freezer or fridge with jugs of water, it helps you save on the operating cost when full

• Make sure that you clean the coils of the refrigerator a few times once a year

• Try using power strips

• Install weather stipping

• Install storm-window and door

• Only use washing machine with full loads

• Close vents in a room that are not in use

• Open all your windows to allow fresh air to get in

• Air dry your dishes

• Use timers when using sprinklers for your lawn. Minutes wasted in letting the sprinklers open is also a waste of water.

• Wear your jeans twice or thrice if it is not that dirty before washing it.

• Don’t leave your refrigerator’s door open for too long.

• Check all rooms in your house, particularly your kids rooms to make sure that everything that are not in use are switch off.

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