Homemade Odor Neutralizer: Frugal Tips to Keep Indoors Odor Free
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Homemade Odor Neutralizer: Frugal Tips to Keep Indoors Odor Free

Unpleasant odors can often dominate indoors. Unopened rooms with poor air circulation, mildew due to weather changes, cooking of certain foodstuffs or even the pet in your home can be the reasons behind the unpleasant odor. In this article, you will learn frugal and handy tips to make use of ingredients at home to prepare your own odor neutralizer.

Having an unpleasant odor can prevent you from relaxing well in your room. It can make you uncomfortable in your room. During a rainy season, musty odor can arise from closed rooms.  Pet odors can subdue the rooms and the house can be most unwelcoming to guests.

Without using powerful chemicals or without spending a fortune on odor neutralizing sprays, homemade odor neutralizers can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors.  To keep your indoors odor free, here are some frugal tips to use ingredients at home to prepare your own odor neutralizers.

  1. Immerse cinnamon, cloves, lemon zest in water for a day. Boil the mixture the next day and allow it to cool. Transfer the extract into spray bottle and spray across your rooms using a spray bottle.
  2.   In your flower vases, add fragrant sweet smelling flowers. Add different kinds of sweet smelling flowers as lilacs, roses, jasmine or sweet peas. Fragrant flowers can be refreshing to your eyes as well!
  3. Dip a piece of cotton in vanilla essence and place on your table. Use the same for your refrigerator when you turn off your refrigerator for a week or two.
  4.  Light up a candle and place in your room. It can neutralize tobacco smoke and other cooking odors.
  5. Wrap mint leaves or holy basil leaves in a small and thin tissue bag and place it under your pillows. It can help your pillows smell fresh.
  6. Cut orange or lemon in half and cover the surface with salt. Place the slice of lemon or orange in the corner of the room to get rid of bad odor. Additionally, it can create a citrus blast.
  7. Cooking dried fish can leave the kitchen with the smell of fish long after cooking. Simply put two spoonful of white vinegar in water and boil the mixture. Vinegar can neutralize unpleasant odors.  Voila! The pungent smell from kitchen would be no more.
  8. Mildew odor and pet odor are two common types of unpleasant odors inside rooms. It can be due to bad weather or sometimes due to pet accidents. Simply add a teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of white vinegar in a cup of water. Add the mixture into spray bottle and spray around.

Most important step in eliminating odors is to clean up the rooms. Open up the windows and allow fresh air to seep in. Sunlight is an effective and efficient germ killer and odor remover. Pull up the blinds and allow the natural sunlight to disinfect your rooms.

With all the frugal tips above, prepare your own odor neutralizers and keep indoors odor free!

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Useful information.   Thanks for the suggestions...

Thank you Nisha. With affectionate support.

superb, I shared it on face book. thanks for these tips on how to remove bad smells

Thank you for this information.-

Very informative article and useful tips to keep foul odor away, thanks Nisha.

Great information for neutralising these odours.

Oh, these are easy-to-do and helpful ideas. Great job!

Useful tips, my grandfather with dementia certainly keeps a smell. These tips would be really useful.

excellent article thanks

Great ideas!