How to Get the Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts for Free or Reduced Cost
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How to Get the Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts for Free or Reduced Cost

How to get the Sunday newspaper and coupon inserts for free or at a reduced cost.

You may want to pick up your local Sunday newspaper specifically for the coupon inserts or for both the coupons and the news. Here are some ways you could possibly get a reduced cost or free newspaper and coupon inserts:

  • Pick paper up at the last minute at stores like grocery stores or convenience stores. Many stores will reduce the cost of the paper or even give you copies for free because they’re going to throw them away. You could get multiple copies possibly this way.
  • Go to local hotels, restaurants, libraries or anywhere that carries the newspaper; ask them to save a newspaper for you to pick up at the end of the day if they have any left that they’re going to throw away when cleaning up. You could get multiple copies this way.
  • Ask friends and family who subscribe to the paper that do not use the coupons or throw them away if you can have the coupon inserts each week. Ask them to save them for you.
  • Check out your local free newspapers that are smaller papers than the large city newspapers. Many small free newspapers carry inserts sometimes too. This includes ethnic newspapers too. Always pick up any free papers to see if they possibly have coupon inserts included in them.
  • Go through recycle bins or the trash in your neighborhood to search for newspapers/coupon inserts that have been thrown away and discarded. You could also go to your neighbors and ask if they get the newspaper and if they don’t use the coupons if they would mind giving you the coupon inserts.
  • Go to your local grocery store on a Sunday and see if there’s a newspaper sales representative giving away free copies of the paper. Many sales representatives will go out to grocery or other retail stores and give away free copies to promote the paper in hopes that you’ll buy a subscription. Bargain with a newspaper sales representative if you do want to purchase a subscription to see how cheap you can get a weekly subscription. You will only need to buy a subscription to the Sunday paper; because that’s the only day the coupon inserts are included in the paper.
  • If you want to avoid getting the paper altogether but you still want the coupon inserts you can purchase individual coupons and even whole inserts from a few websites online. Here are a few places I know of where you can purchase individual coupons and/or whole coupon inserts: Coupon's Things By Dede, The Coupon Clippers, The Coupon Master and Ebay.
  • Also, look on Craigslist for coupons. Many people give away free coupons they have that they are not going to use, so remember to occasionally check there for coupons.
  • You can also look on many blogs that sometimes have giveaways for free coupon inserts and enter to win multiple copies of coupon inserts. Some blogs that give away coupon inserts are: A Thrifty Mom and Hip 2 Save.

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Comments (12)

These are all wonderful ideas. My mom (adopted mom.. real mom is deceased) sends me coupons at least once a month from her papers.

Great ideas!

Ranked #62 in Frugal Living

Great ideas! I'm always looking for new ways to save a little money. Combined with tips from the article Using Coupons in a Recession you will save a ton!


some good ideas, but I guess one of my neighbors read this article because my sunday paper was stolen right off my front porch. man they didnt have to steal i would have given them the coupons.... come on america dont lower your self to theft of NEWSPAPERS!

Good tips here. We buy the newspaper just for the coupons. Thanks for the advice.

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Great tips!


I live in Miami, FL and if you buy the paper on Sat. it is cheaper. The Saturday paper has the same coupon features as the Sunday Paper for half the price. For the Miami Hearald it is .75 cents per paper (on Sunday it is $1.50) , and if you get "EL Herald" (Spanish Paper) it is .50 cents per paper (on Sunday $1). I get it in Spaish, I just get the Sunday paper delivered to my house, so we ca read it, but who cares if you get the spanish one just for the inserts. They have the same coupons that the English version does.

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Our Wal-Mart sells Sunday papers at a discount all the time. Watch out about going through trash bargains for coupons. It can get you arrested for theft.

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